Thank you for visiting my site and congratulations on your big day!

I am Milya van Heerden, I have been a Wedding Photographer for 15+ years
I have attached a list of contact information of my clients in the past 4 years below that can be downloaded – you can choose any client and ask a reference letter – I’m very confident that you will receive a very good reference about me, your Wedding Photographer based in Cape Town, Western Cape with studio’s in Cape Town, Gauteng and Mauritius.

What makes me different than ‘most’ photographers out there?

With our initial meeting you will receive a free mini- photo session – this helps for you to ‘see yourself in our work’ – after booking with us we will be doing a pre-wedding shoot for you – this could be a month or 2 before the wedding – we will during this meeting discuss the final setup for the wedding and how I will plan my day to capture every moment for you. We will then have a photo session – this helps for us to get to know each other … Lots of the posing we will be doing during this shoot will act as a practice run for the wedding so you know exactly what I mean when I pose you in a certain way. This saves lots of time during the actual wedding day. You will receive all photos taken within the week of the shoot / meeting.
During the time I spend at your wedding (from preparations to end of formalities at your reception) I take Unlimited photos. ALL of these taken will be edited within less than a week of your wedding and delivered on USB. All will be hi-resolution with no watermarks (no company name on it)
With editing I will do some special effects on some of the photos – but I do believe over edit is more for photos that needs fixing… I rather shoot the photo right from the start.
I will also make a selection of photos – to tell a story – design your wedding album and supply you with the design to make changes if needed and for approval. This design will also be on your USB supplied with all the wedding photos.

What equipment is in my bag:

I shoot with only hi-end equipment
Nikon D4
2x Nikon DF’s
2x 24-70mm F2.8
2x 70-200mm F2.8
1x 50mm F1.4
Nikon SB910’s
And then a few other fancy photography toys.


What do we capture on the day:

Bride & Groom Preparations (we normally start 1.5 – 2 hours before the ceremony starts)

Guests Arriving, Entire Ceremony, Congratulations from guests

Photo Session:
Family, Retinue, Bride & Groom (1st Photographer)
Decor & Guests during welcome drinks (2nd Photographer)

Decoration of Reception room, Bride & Groom entering, All formalities, Table / group photos, Night shoot (if time allows)