At All About Photography we don't do ordinary.. 

School photos can boring and predictable that's why we make use of 'Greenscreen' for our school photos

By taking just 1 photo of a child you can superimpose the 1 image into 100's of backgrounds

We make use of appropriate props for the chosen backgrounds and take a photo for each background in mind (by only using 1 green backdrop which saves a lot of space) and therefore keeping the photos fun, creative, colorful and definitely not ordinary 

Please see photo samples below of photos taken against the Green backdrop and also the loads of background samples we have for the kids.

Should you not see a background or theme of your choice, just let us know and we will get it!


When it comes to the size and amount of photos to order - we give the parents the choice!

No more having to receive one A4 with multiple sizes of the same photo on to cut out...

We will send each parent the booking form with attached the index prints of all photos taken of that child and they can choose in which size they want which photo to be printed.

Our cost is as follows:

Jumbo size   @R20 each

A5 Size        @R40 each

A4 Size        @R60 each

Class photos will be printed in A5 size


  • Each school with receive an percentage of the profits made and each class will receive an complimentary A5 size Class Photo